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Hans-Peter Feldmann at the Malmö Konsthall

Collages, 1960s

The new Hans-Peter Feldmann show opens tomorrow night at the Malmö Konsthall. Barcelona Kontext has contributed the Spanish and English translations to the catalogue Another Book, which has been co-produced with Parasol unit in London and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS) in Madrid. The three Feldmann shows in Malmö, London and Madrid are not travelling exhibitions but independent creations; however, the book, edited by Helena Tatay (also the curator of the Madrid exhibition) and published by Koenig Books, is a vital link and a turning point, as in many of Feldmann’s other projects and works.

It is impossible to capture the amount of images Feldmann has collected from magazines, books and with his own roving camera. The book is the format that brings structure and order to Feldmann’s shuffled deck of images such as knees of women, shoes, chairs, unmade beds, bicycles and portraits. Feldmann recognises the problematic nature of pictures and art in a culture constantly bombarded by images. He does not discard either mass-produced or amateur photographs; on the contrary, he embraces them in his work as if they were his own and offers them equal value. By embracing, accepting and placing images of common objects, monuments, situations and appearances in series, Feldmann at once neutralises and relates them, creating a tension between their similarities and differences.

The Malmö exhibition will be open until 2 May. The Parasol unit show will follow later in the year and then the MNCARS exhibition will open on 22 September.


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