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Francis Alÿs. Fabiola

Francis Huys, Fabiola

We have recently translated into Spanish the press material for the first of the Dia Art Foundation’s projects at New York’s Hispanic Society (it’s going to be a three-year collaboration). The exhibition has been conceived by Belgian artist Francis Alÿs, who lives and works in Mexico City. Over the last two decades, Alÿs has put together a large collection of nearly identical images of fourth-century Saint Fabiola, all based on a lost original painted in the nineteenth century by the French academic artist Jean-Jacques Henner. The exhibition includes nearly 300 images from the artist’s collection.

The paintings are installed in the Society’s mahogany-paneled North Building Galleries until 6 April 2008. Gathered from flea markets, antique shops, and private collections throughout Europe and America, Alÿs’s collection offers a window onto aesthetic, sociological, and theological values over the past century and more.

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