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Xavier Toubes. Tras dos agros

Traducciones para el catálogo de la exposición
Centro: CGAC, 2007

Xavier Toubes (A Coruña, 1947) es un referente mundial en el campo de la cerámica, en el que investiga un nuevo lenguaje.

La exposición «Tras dos agros» refleja la vitalidad del proceso creativo del artista y cómo sigue aprendiendo y viviendo a través de su trabajo, con una obra que rompe con todas las ideas preconcebidas sobre la cerámica como disciplina artística.


Así describe Vincent McGourty la obra que da título a la muestra:
«In Tras dos agros (2005) plates appear to take flight, like clay pigeons, spread out against a sky of red wall. Each one ‘spells’ a single letter of the title, which, when translated into English, means behind the fields. A common root in Latin already suggests the landscape of open field in the etymology of agri. In this way they refer to a common place that of language, and to a very specific action to produce language: writing. So, though not everyone is privilege to the information conveyed by the words, what is disclosed is the operation of producing semantic signification through written characters. In a sense, we have to ask what it is the artist intends to signify by only disclosing to native speakers the given meaning of the signifiers. On the one hand, by using Galago, the artist insists on the integrity of the original word-repositories and their specific cultural and historical patina, and, on the other, he emphasizes that the localized meaning of the phrases and words is only one aspect of the work’s sedimentation.»


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